Hi there !

Im reseraching a nice medic hat with scorching effect !!

Can add my pe slick cut for a nice hat !
Probably can accept burning / sunbeams or other god thiers effect
But i got a preference for scorching :)

Feel free to offer here or add me
Have a nice day
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Phosphorous Virus Doctor for your Trophy Belt. It is similar to scorching.
i will pass not fan of robot hat sry :x
Saw you offered some time ago last 3 for a scorching mirror and that guy declined. So i'm here offering my burning mirror clean ofc for last 3
Purple Energy Slick Cut for the trophy + like 2 keys?
can 1:1 not max sry
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purple energy trophy belt for the haunted ghosts trophy belt?
.smetooo #VACation
SpellBound L'inspecteur for the Duty rag
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.