Selling these:

Circing Peace Sign Hard Counter - 11 keys
Stormy Storm Scotsman's Stovepipe - 12 keys
Haunted Ghosts Waxy Wayfinder - 28 keys
Purple Energy Batter's Helmet - 48 keys
Bubbling Napper's Respite - 20 keys
Bubbling Flipped Trilby - 12 keys
Dead Presidents Furious Fukaamigasa - 12 keys
Scorching Flames Coupe D'isaster - 35 keys

Please send me a trade offer here, or add me:
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ill offer 41 keys on the bonk helm (but if you dont mind could you wait a week so when i buy the keys you dont have to wonder why im not trading?
Not holding it back for you, but it's yours if it hasn't sold in a week.
RIP Jon Schnepp
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Hei NightWolf :P
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Green black hole chieftains challenge for batters helmet ?
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I can take that, I've sent you a trade offer.
I can take that.
ill trade u a nuts n bolts sober stuntman worth 8 keys, and a smoking lil buddy worth 12 for the trilby
2 Max head for the helmet
You'd have to add a few keys.
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YWN vivid plasma for helmet
I dont have keys man
Maybe i can reach them look at my bp
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.