Selling some awesome unusuals!

Selling most for HIGH-END Backpack. tf price in PURE or at least 10 keys item overpay!

Add half price of paint

I am not selling the Disco beatdown Hat With No Name for Backpack.tf price! Looking for 75 keys pure or 85 keys item overpay. You can complain to me about the price all you want, but it is the only Disco beatdown Hat With No Name on the market so good luck getting one from anyone else

I am highly interested in the hats listed on the right hand side or any other all-class hats or any unusual misc!


Willing to downgrade/upgrade my hats in a 1:1 all the way to a 5:1

Add me for a quick trade or offer below!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.