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Hey all, I'm selling this amazing all class hat for a client of mine! We're looking for around 265 keys (buyout) or some nice CSGO item offers. The item will most likely be in the client's bag, but I will be able to get to the item if need be. Please post here or add me if you are interested. Thanks, and have a good one!

Buyout: 265 keys or around 245 Keys in CSGO items.

Here's a SFM image of the hat, created by a friend of mine: http://img...k51ko7

Thanks, and have a good one!
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Phosphorous Executioner?
Lt. Scout
Interesting, thanks for the offer.
Lt. Scout
Just curious, did you trade it to: ?
Lt. Scout
Ah, good to know you still have it then, haha.
Are you interested in my unusual? Its a very nice effect to this hat, it goes great with the bandanna and the view finder.
Lt. Scout
I'll have to pass, thanks for the offer though.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.