Lt. Scout
Hey all, selling these nice skins for keys! Prices are as follows.

3 keys for each alloy
4 keys for the statrak
2 keys for the nitro
Half a key for the Pulse
2 ref for the capsule

If the item you want is not in my bag and not grayed out, please send my client a trade offer:
2 keys + 6 ref for alloy
「 d a w g 」
Sent 2 keys for the Nitro
Lt. Scout
If you still need it, it's back in my bag. I'm helping a friend sell these, my apologies.
cant send a offer says u have no items in csgo, please update
Lt. Scout
All items are back in my bag now, sorry for the inconvenience.
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Added for Blood tiger, But its not there.
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4 TF2 Keys for Blood Tiger?
1 key + 3 ref for nitro
3 tf2 keys for Alloy????
Lt. Scout
CSGO keys only, please.
no u
How much ref is half a key?
Lt. Scout
Right now, I believe it's 8.66 refined.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.