Harvest Moon Conjurer's Cowl 120 keys
Sulphurous Wraith Wrap 110 keys
Morning Glory Texas Ten Gallon 90 keys
Stormy 13th Hour Tam O' Shanter 85 keys
Frostbite Troublemaker's Tossle Cap 85 keys
Haunted Ghosts Hottie's Hoodie 34 keys
Amaranthine Brown Bomber 190 keys
It's A Secret To Everybody Medic's Mountain Cap 90 keys

I will consider paypal offers. Good discount for real money

Will do 10% discount for csgo keys. Also taking csgo offers

Taking nongifted buds as 3 keys
Pure, cash, australiums, CSGO knives and mixed offers have priority.


No overpay with australiums/CSGO knives
15% overpay with clean 1 gen unusuals and nice robo (Anti-Freeze, Roboactive)
20% overpay with clean 2 gen unusuals and some 3 gen effects (Miamy Nights and Disco Beat Down)
25% overpay with clean other effects except Power Surge and Electrostatic, which i prefer not to take

Mixed offers with 50% of pure and more will need no overpay

Past offers:

On Conjurer's Cowl:
Spellbound Tavish DeGroot Experience
Death at Dusk Gilded Guard
Arcana Salty Dog

On Ten Gallon:
30 keys + Pro KS Australiun Wrench

Trade offers are preferred
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Amaranthine Brown Bomber for my 1 of 3 green energy screaming eagle......[soldier]
Hisoka Morow
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MG lucky shot and phophorus handymans for the cowl
Hisoka Morow
sorry but retracting
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A inv worth 231 keys for brown
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1:1 clean green confetti black watch for the hoodie
I won't overpay for your hat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.