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Hey all, I'm selling these beautiful skins for a friend of mine! The prices for each are listed below.

Fowl Play: 1 key or skins worth $4
Aug: skins worth $2.50
Guardian: skins worth $1
Copper Galaxy: skins worth $2.25

If the items you want are not in my bag and are not grayed out, please send my client a trade offer:
I want the fowl play but not in inventory? can we trade?
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Sent offer, the item is in my bag. The link at the bottom of the trade is NOT my trade offer link, it's the person's whom I'm selling these items for. It's there so we can still sell items if he needs his items back.
✪ LyGr
added for usp-s
postal 2 ?
p2000 for the usps guardian field tasted
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Trine 2 Complete story
Space Farmers
GEARCRACK Arena + Soundtrack
All row,all tradable.

Interested in anything?
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Not interested in games
m4a4 destert strike fn for five-seven fowl play
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.