Hello there! Welcome to Kettei's STRANGE shop!

I'm looking for some offers on these wonderful hats! Feel free to offer away in the comments!
If you are offering an offer, and I refuse, do not be

By trading with me, you agree to the following:
1) You are a sensible and gentle person, willing to be level-headed.
2) You will not share any links unless specifically asked for.
3) Don't be angry if I don't like your offer.

Trading Rules:
1) I don't consider paints into the prices if you're including painted items into your offer.
2) Pure only!

Please note that I am willing to keep these hats; meaning I don't need to sell them.

Levels that add to the price:
1 42 99 69 100
Prof. Killstreak Spy-cicle (Hot Rod Fire Horns) + Australium Painted Hat With No Name for Big Earner You can send me an offer if you accept
No thank you. I'm trying to get away from killstreaks. Thanks though!
a key and 3 ref for the cloak and danger
Nurse Surprise™
Just a bit of helpful advice, it would be better to say that you won't accept painted items instead of not acknowledging the worth of paints on items, seeing as you do here - It might lead people to believe that you're being dishonest. A wording change would really help traders feel more comfortable making offers, and less so that you're looking for a large profit off of certain items.
4 keys for minigun
I got it for 5.
4keys earner
Considering I got an 8 key offer.. I'll keep you in the loop.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.