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Lt. Scout
Looking to purchase a nice skin on one of the knives listed here. Budget is around $300 USD. I can pay in either cash (PayPal) or in keys. I have tons of cash trade reputation; you will be going first if we are doing a cash trade.

Rep thread:

Exteriors I really like (in no order):
Blue Steel
Case Hardened (prefer lots of Gold or Blue)

Please add me, post here, or send me a trade offer if you have something you think I might be interested in. Thanks and have a good one!
FT Crimson Web Butterfly Knife. 100% MW Look with a float of .1580. (MW is .7-.15) Looking for somewhere between FT and MW Price. Feel free to inspect or I can show proof on float value and rank per CS:GO Analyst.
Thanks for your time
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Plain old Huntsman Knife, market price is about 118€ (~52 keys) or more, so make an offer if interested
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Whoops, was dollars I was looking at, 103€ :d
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Have a MW Crimson Flip, FN BFK Slaughter, also an M4a1-s Knight FN for sale if youd like to add me - Ill be accepting keys and at a discount
st ww falchion crimson looks ft 100k csgo
Lt. Scout
Thanks for the offer, price seems a little too steep considering I can get better looking items for around the same price range.
Alrighty <3
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.