-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
Burning Flames Safe'n'Sound(Duped) with a Halloween Spell: Rotten Orange Footprints - 70 keys pure or 100 in 1st gen.
Morning Glory Human Cannonball - 130 keys pure or 170 in 1st gen.

Roboactive Bot Dogger - 40 keys pure or 60 in 1st gen.
Strange Professional Killstreak Australium Wrench:
Killstreaker: Flames
Sheen: Team Shine
40 keys pure or 75 in 1st gen.Will be sold for 44 keys pure in a week.
Burning Flames Napper's Respite - 145 k pure or 175 in 1st gen.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.