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Selling these 3 Clean Unusuals Unboxed by me

Circling Heart Charmer's Chapeau - 100 Keys Pure - 125+ in Unusuals
Harvest Moon Dapper's - 75 Keys Pure - 100+ in Unusuals
Molten Mallard Yellow Belt - 80 Keys Pure - 90+ in Unusuals

Fun Facts
- Belt was unboxed by me
- All are Clean
- Belt is cleanest on the market
- Belt is 1 of 2 in the World

Hide = Nty
Hey there! I would like to offer on your Yellow Belt! I have a Demonflame Fed-Fightn' Fedora. There are 3 in the world, and 2 on outpost. I usually see these sell for 100-110 keys. I can also add a Bills Hat, A Festive Sniper Rifle, the new breakdance taunt for the Scout, and other miscs and stuff. Add me to discuss. Ty
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Scorching Flames Glengarry Bonnet for Charmer
way too low
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.