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1 of 1 in the world, high tier hat, 1st gen mid-high tier effect, short history, and very sexy.

How I price this hat: Its a first gen on a rare unbox, VERY few unusual Allbreros unboxed total. The only other first gen Allbrero to be unboxed had a high tier effect, and was priced at 208. This is a mid-high tier, and not as expensive as the God tier Halloween effects, which are priced at 150-180. With that said, my prices are.

B/O: 130

Item offers: 150
$350 in Paypal cash? I know a trusted Middle Man, but I will send first if necessary.
I don't like to use paypal, but added to discuss.
my cloudy moon ball cap + 6 keys (cs go)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.