• Completed
Looking for offers on this clean hat

Keep Offers over 20 Keys at Least

Fun Facts
-It's Clean
-1 of 1 on the Market
-Not many Unusual versions of this Hat
-I'm 100% ok with keeping it forever

Please Keep all offers on this trade, any adds to me or Eunwol will result in an immediate decline and a block
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pro killstreak grenade launcher
I'm looking for 18 keys minimum, and that is about 12 at most
Twerks (Erica)
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5 scrap
1 rec
16 ref
17 keys?? :3
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18 Keys pure, send me a trade offer when you gonna be ready:
Check your trade offers.
Aces Familiar Fez
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.