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Lt. Scout
Hey there, looking to exchange CSGO keys for TF2 keys! I'm asking one TF2 key + 1 refined for any of my CSGO keys. Please send me a trade offer if you're interested.

DO NOT ADD ME for this trade, please.
U have no more Keys
Lt. Scout
I have more keys in stock if you're still in need. Just re-opened the trade.
Sent :)
Sending another big one soon
Lt. Scout
Lt. Scout
Have around 30 more if you're interested. Cheers!
Let me just sort out some ref and I'll send you another offer!
Sent :P
offer sent
Lt. Scout
My apologies for missing you, I was asleep!
offer sent
Offer sent!
Lt. Scout
Looks like I missed you, sorry about that! Thanks for your interest though!
Good luck in your trades, I might need to exchange more soon :)
can i send you a offer somewhere after the 12 of September? The keys are untradeable until then.
Lt. Scout
I'll try and be sure to have some in stock for you!
Any chance you'd be interested in doing a large swap? I have 325 tf2 keys, just trying to convert them all to csgo. What kind of rate would you be interested in doing?
Lt. Scout
My going rate would not change for a bulk swap. I would prefer to only move a maximum of 15-20 CSGO keys to TF2 a day, but if you want to try to work something out let me know.
Offer Sent.
Lt. Scout
I was asleep! Thanks for your interest!
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Sent an offer with 32 keys + 32 ref for your 32 csgo keys. :)
If some of the keys/ref is untradable, then add me :) I'm always buying CSGO keys at the same rate as you're buying them at.
nvm. xD
-_- AlienHunter70 -_-
Sent tarde offer, 7 Falchion keys for 7 Mann co keys + 7 refined
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.