Buying ALL MISCS AND HATS for 0.66 off price.

No paints!

FAST TRADE! (Guaranteed within 10 minutes unless I am asleep!)

Going off the lowest price of a misc. Example: Bonk Boy, a Scout misc has a price of 2.88-3 refined; I would purchase it for 2.22 refined as 2.88-0.66=2.22.

Trade link:

Have a great day!
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Bigg Mann on Campus for 4 ref? :)
How about 3.33? Please read the description before posting.
§ Chaotic Ghost §
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winter woodsman for like 2 ref?
and Genuine area 451 for like 1 ref?
I'll do the Winter Woodsman for 1 refined and the Genuine Area 451 for 2 refined if you want. Add me!
[ɲɧ] Elvie
added to sell you some hats
[ɲɧ] Elvie
I will pay your prices with the 0.66 off but i cant send the trade offer here on outpost cause of a new login, so i have to do the trades by steam directly ok ;)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.