I am looking to sell off my COMPLETE VINTAGE COLLECTION. (105 in all) This includes the Fan O War & Conch, .....every vintage in the game that was not Steam Support Granted (sorry, no vintage scrap metal here) Every vintage item I own EXCEPT, the Bill's hat. (I happen to have a Bill's hat collection of every color and that's part of it)

Here is the picture of everything I am selling. (Again, note that the Bill's hat is NOT included, nor is the unusual)

BP.TF states it is around 75 keys, and I am looking for at least 65, so offer accordingly. I will accept KEYS and KEYS ONLY.

Remember, this is the ENTIRE VINTAGE COLLECTION.

I am NOT selling it in pieces so don't waste your time asking.

DO NOT ADD ME....make an offer here and if I agree, I will add you.
Wow I can't afford this but I have to say, you have some impressive collections.
Best of luck!
Many thanks =)
buy you Vintage Heavy Duty Rag for pure
Sure thing....then just add the 65 keys for the whole set like I mentioned [and, you got yourself a deal.
You can filter backpacks by quality on backpack,tf, rather than things that include the word "vintage". That wouldn't show the unusual and you wouldn't have to mention it in your notes. ;P
I did use the word Vintage and thats how it came up. I suppose I could have fine tuned it but, I guess I was lazy =)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.