Teeny Tiny Cat
Burny's boney bonnet - 11 refined
Uncraft voodoo juju (slight return) - 0.44 refined
Noisemaker - koto - 5 refined
The color of a gentlemann's business pants - 5 refined
Ellis' cap - 1.33 refined
U-clank-a - 1.33 refined
Radigan conagher brown - 4.33 refined
Stealth steeler - 1.33 refined

Metal only, please send trade offer.
Draco Blaze
This post was hidden by the trade owner.
8 ref for the bonnet
Teeny Tiny Cat
fortnite juul
5 refined pure for koto noise maker
Teeny Tiny Cat
Yes, that is the listed price, lol. Send a trade offer. :)
fortnite juul
How do I send you a trade offer?
fortnite juul
I cant find the link to send you one, sadly
Teeny Tiny Cat
It's the little two arrows button in the top right of my trade and posts
added for the bonnet
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.