B/O 50 keys pure!

Clean short history.

Feel free to post offers or send me trade offers, even if you think it's low -- you never know what I'll be interested in.

Will also take Paypal. My cash trading rep is old and outdated, but I will never go first -- we can use a middleman if you desire. ;) I am Paypal verified.

If it's not in my bp, it's listed on the Steam Market.
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Hey man, just a quick question do you know what is the best to worst effects for the weapon skins? I have a similar mercenary flamer, the forest fire, effect hot (FT) and i wanted to see what I wanted to see the reasoning behind your price. Thanks :)
Hey, I have no clue at all right now, life's busy at the moment and I haven't had time to research that. I'd say for flamethrowers, hot is the best effect (obviously being themed and stuff). My price was based on other people's prices at the time I put this trade up, Steam Market prices, and what offers I was getting on trade servers.
alright, I sold it anyways but thanks, I sold it for a Time warp gifted hallmark if u wanted to know by the way, you can hide thanks
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Energy orb low profile specialized ks for your flamethrower?
added to discuss price
Who Knows?
Tf2 logo unusual slick cut?
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How much in real money ?
a Unusual Specialized Killstreak Killer Exclusive w/ Steaming, clean? If you can add a bit.
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