Flying Hemorrhoid
Selling this cold sniper set!

Cold FT Pro KS Night Owl
- Second owner:
- Pro KS: Team Shine / Hypno-Beam
- Halloween Spell: Exorcism
- Exterior: Field-tested. Best available exterior on TF2Outpost for Cold Night Owls (other 2 are Well-Worn)
- 1 of 10 Cool snipers in the world
- Front:
- Back:

Disco Beat Down Professional's Ushanka
- Clean:
- Only 44 Unusuaul Professional Ushanka's exist
- 1 of 2 in the world, 1 of 2 on the market
- This hat was only obtainable via the Smissmiss 2014 Nice crate
- It is now impossible to uncrate these crates meaning this is now a retired hat

Initial screenshots I took showed the unusual effect to be glitched around the waist. Will take more screenshots soon to confirm. These glitched effect screen shots can be seen on my profile

- Set screenies: soon to come

Not looking to sell the cosmetics separately, but will include if you buy the Night Owl and Ushanka

If you follow's prices religiously, I will laugh at you. It makes for a decent guide for what unusuals roughly could go for, but is NOT the price. Its unusual pricing system hurts the community more than it helps, discourages high profit margins, and helps prevent the economy from improving by making it much more difficult to increase the price of the hat.

DO NOT ADD ME... just offer below
Or use trade offer:
In terms of keys any idea how many for the Sniper Rifle?
Flying Hemorrhoid
Just offer
Ok but I have question, would you do it for steam cash?
Flying Hemorrhoid
For overpay I would. Keys are much more expensive there and everyone overprices their unusuals. You'd be better offer using that money to buy keys
True but then we both would have to wait until they where tradeable.
Flying Hemorrhoid
Not if you buy from a third party site or via PayPal through a trusted trader on outpost. You can get them cheaper and they would be tradable immediately
Send me a link to one in the chat because I dont know any :/
Flying Hemorrhoid , , ... There's also many, many traders on outpost who sell keys for cash much cheaper than these sites. Just refine your search for keys on the left and "real world money" on the right
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.