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Looking to Trade for an Unusual Taunt like one of those shown

I don't need some expensive god-tier one, but my least favourite are cyclone/whirlwind

❶ FAIR TRADE: your Unusual for my Unusual
➤➤ I have many unusuals I'm willing to trade, not really looking for a profit from this, not looking to pay stupidly either.
e.g. & &

❷ BUY: your Unusual for my Keys
➤➤ I have a limited number and don't really want to buy more, rough prices below:
- Conga: 60-80 keys
- Flippin: 20-30 keys
- Squredance: 20-30 keys
- High-five: 25-35 keys
- Rancho: 20-25 keys
- Laugh: 20-25 keys
- PaperSS: 20-25 keys
- SkullCracker: 20-30 keys

- - Send me a trade offer
- - Post Below
ELSE (if you have a really good offer)
- - Add Me (post a comment else invites may be ignored!)
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.