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BUYING 5 CHEAP UNUSUALS - I'll take anything if the price is right!

The price I'm willing to pay will match the lack of quality of your unusual.

Absolute MAX price is 10 keys, instant buy of ANY unusual for 5 keys!
As a guide: Gifted = -25->30% & Duped = -15->20%
(I do not trade with scammers or take scammed items)

You can either either:
- Offer below including - (1) HAT - (2) EFFECT - (3) PRICE
- Send a trade offer (link above) or click

Any comment like "how much for you pay xxx" or "are you interested in yyy" - will be closed - NO SPAM PLEASE
._Doktor_[HU]. S>BP
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"Absolute MAX price is 10 keys" and i got a peace one for that price!
bootleg billycock stormy storne paint in lime for 10 key
Steaming Hetman's Headpiece for 10 keys!
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8 keys for duped, gifted dread knot. Worth 14 keys. Do not offer under 7 keys. Half of outpost is buying any unusuals for 7 keys.
like you? you bought for 6 keys, which is about what I would offer also :p
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.