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Selling a Dual-effect Soldier Set "The Fly Trap"
B/O on set: 140 Keys Pure (150+ in Unusuals)
Individual Buyouts:
- Clean Flies Soldier's Stash (Short and clean history for a 1st gen, discontinued hat): 95 Keys Pure. Overpay in offers.
- Clean Electrostatic Luckyshot: 60 Keys Pure. Overpay in offers. Might consider other Soldier Unusuals which don't clip with the stash at equiv or slight equiv value.

- Pro KS Aussie RL (old trade; stash) - low
- Mallard Falkirk + Hellfire Basemetal Billycock (stash)
- Blizzardy Storm Outta Sight (Luckyshot) - low
- Vivid Plasma Slo Poke (bb)

Not interested most robo-hats, 3rd gen effects or killstreakers.
Fairly interested in upgrading my stash to a mid-high tier effect if it is a good deal.
P.S I have a certain soft spot for chapeaus. I won't keep overpay in mind if I like the effect on it.

DONT add me, offer here and if I have any interest I will add you or ask you to do so.
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Any interest in my spy set? It has a chamers and I understand that its a bit low for your price in unusual overpay
Not a bad chapeau with the effect, although id consider it mid-tier on my list of favored effects. For the set you'd have to quite a bit even if I reduce the overpay down.
Got nothing really to add
Honestly, I am not trying to judge or anything, but the price of the lucky shot on is outdated and lower than your B/O for it, Now I only used it for that purpose because I could not find any other sellers of the hat, I will Simply Hide my offer, Thanks for your time
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I can maybe do 40 for the lucky shot because says 40 keys
the range hasnt been updated in a long time. Also i bought it for 60 in mixed so I'd be looking around that range or 50-55 if completely pure at its lowest.
Usually if a price hasn't been updated then usually the price goes down...... But Ok!
Idk how you can say 'usually' :p Not the best example but say burning tc, its price is outdated each time its sold, but everytime its been sold it's been higher than the pricing on it.
Well then have fun and good luck on your journeys!
But before I go what is the lowest your willing to go pure?
50 would be the lowest atm in pure. If it does cross my mind to quicksell it feel free to add me and ill let you know. Atm im pretty satisfied with the set as is. Just dont want to sell it way lower than what iv purchased it for.
haHa Banks
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saw that u offered for a outta's sight blizzardy storm!!! any interest???
Might still be interested. Feel free to add me to discuss.
I'm sorry if you consider this as spam, but i had to comment on how genius the set is.. ggwp
Nsh m8, gotta get those DoubleFlies ;) xD
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Vivid Plasma Slo-Poke (145.5) for the set
Duly noted, got any sales or offers to back up that price though. Can't seem to find any myself.
seems youve sold it. Hiding for space.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.