Been over a year since i put my babies back on the market.
JUST taking offers at the moment. If you're a collector you'll hopefully try to be patient.

If you're unsure of what a low craft numbered item is, check this link to the official TF2 wiki to learn more:

The best way to identify that your item is a low craft numbered item is to check your Steam inventory on and see if your item has a number between 1 and 100 shown on the upper left corner. A similar number will be displayed at the bottom right corner of your item if you look at your inventory on tf2outpost, but it may be hidden by the "equipped" icon if you have the item equipped in TF2. It's best to always check on to be sure.

Feel free to add me for private offers, but if your profile is private and/or hidden just drop a message down below.
Have a great day!
^^ DjeDje ^^
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The Alien Cranium #15 for grizzled
thanks for the offer, but not interested in the hat. And # wise its just a downgrade.
^^ DjeDje ^^
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*Vintage Killing Gloves of Boxing LVL 0 These are rare item with non-standard levels


*str. sydney sleeper with str. parts:
-airborne enemy kills (worth ~ 2 key)
-dominations (~ 4 keys)
-snipers killed (~ 2.7 keys )
not interested in rare vintages and lower than what im looking to sell for.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.