Selling some awesome soldier unusuals!

Some information on the items:
- Team Captain has a god tier EOTL effect
- All hats have a relatively short history with minimal scammers included
- All high tier effects ranging from halloween, 1st gen and EOTL ones
- Team Captain is 1 of 5 existing

Very interested in non-duped high tier all-class unusuals with 1st gen effects

I am not taking anywhere near Backpack. tf prices for either the Team Captain or the Sergeants Drill Hat

Refer to the other owner's previous trade for the Team Captain for previous offers made: http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/26400263


I do not have a B/O for the Team Captain, but don't offer anywhere near its Backpack. tf price!

Previous Offers for the Team Captain include:
- 300 mixed (Private offer)
- Clean Secret Stash + Pro Ks Beggars Bazooka

Priority of items when offering:
1. Pure
2. All-Class Unusual (Misc/hats)
3. 1st gen effects
4. Some Halloween Effects (Bats, the stormy storm ones, other god tier effects)

You may add me if you'd like to make a private offer or if you have a god tier all-class you're willing to offer. Otherwise, offer below!

Hide = No thank you

Please don't lowball on my hats...
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interested in a flaming lantern modest for the drills?
If it was clean, yes I would have taken it.. but unfortunately its not :C. Got any other offers in mind?
nope sorry. I got offered 1:1 like 30 mins ago with a clean one
Mayor of Pyroland
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cyclone conga + energy orb flash fryer
Mayor of Pyroland
for the tc
Not interested in unusual weapons or taunts, and that seems too low as well, sorry.
Mayor of Pyroland
beams beak for it?
No thanks, I've received higher offers
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Cloudy Moon Bonnet + Pro Ks Aussy Sticky + Sweets for the Drill? Thanks, have a good one.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.