This trade was closed due to inactivity of 1 week or more.
Fast Trading bot accepting excact amount of pure offers automaticly 24/7. Please only use trade offers!
Remember to check all my other trades, i sell tons of hats and miscs!

Trade offer link:

High five - 8.33 ref
Rebel rouser - 1.66 ref
Festive beard - 4 ref
Gym hat - 2.33 ref
Keche - 2 ref
Whiskey - 2.33 ref
Mmmph - 1.88 ref
Hurt locher - 3.66 ref

Remember to always check my inventory, hats might have been sold.

Please keep in mind that the bot only are able to accept exact pure amount offer. For example: i ask for 6.66 ref for a hat, and you send a offer with 6.44 ref for that hat the offer will get skipped by the bot. If you send a offer with 6.66 ref (pure of course) It will get automaticly accepted in 1 min or less.

If you can't trade via browser just go ahead and add me, but might take a lot of hours for me to answer the add.

ITEM OVERPAYFor each item that you pick you must do a 3 ref overpay. Remember that the bot is not able to accept overpay, so i'll have to handle those manual, which Means there can go hours before i get to them.

Happy Trading!
2 ref for wiskey???
Rebel Rouser
Dr. Acula
I offered 1.88 for the Employee about an hour ago but it hasn't accepted.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.