FUNgineeR༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Please read this !

Looking to exchange my CSGO items into TF2 unusuals !
DO NOT add me on steam, leave your offers here !

Bayonet Marble fade has a nice 3x33 pattern (blue,yellow,red)

Pls DO NOT Offer me the following:
-Gifted Unusuals
-Robo Unusuals (I am fine if it is a robo effect, needs more overpay tho)
-Unpriced Unusuals
-Quicksell Prices

If you offer keep in mind:
I want overpay.
I want full price in keys and not QS prices.
IF you offer me more than one unusual you HAVE to overpay by even more!
Send me an trade offer or post your offer here
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You at all interested in a Vintage Big Kill?
no ty
dax j
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Sent you a trade offer
interesting offer, i will take a look at it
dax j
i'll add you then, if you want to discuss anything.
no sry I will pass, I am looking for more overpay in tf2 items
dax j
add me to discuss at any time dude
there is not rly much to discuss, i could do the trade if you remove the ak and m4 ... otherwise i am not rly interested
just send me a trade offer if you agree and I will accept it, and if you dont agree just hide your comment, thanks :)
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price range on bayonet?
360-400+€ depends on the pattern
In keys?
164-182 in tf2 keys OR 157-174 in CSGO keys
Clean Burning Minnesota slick + purple Energy Swagmans swatter
no thanks
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.