• Completed
Looking for Level 18 variants of these stranges.

Note: I am not looking for Craft #18 since these are not craftable. This is just the only way to get the level to show in the item picture on Outpost

I'll pay above market price of whatever they are worth when it's tradable. If you want to work a deal out using Steam Market or Paypal that's cool too. I've got a bunch of rep. (I can pay in keys/ref too, of course.)

Also, give me a fair price and I'll pay you a fair price. If you're a chill gamer, I'll hook you up for helping me continue my collection.

Q: Where do I see the level of these strange items? It doesn't show in my Steam Inventory
A: Check on a 3rd-part backpack viewer, like Outpost or If it's not Level 18, I'm not interested.

This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.