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Lt. Scout
Hey all, I'm looking to sell this beautiful M9 for keys or PayPal cash! I'm looking for reputable cash traders when selling for paypal, so please do not bother adding me to buy with PayPal if you have less than 10 confirmed cash trades. Here is a link to my rep thread:

Price (firm price, very little negotiation room): $135 USD or the equivalent in keys (I value keys at 1.95 USD each).

Please add me if you're interested. Thanks and have a good one!
Rapist Man
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how many cs go keys you looking for it?
Lt. Scout
About 69.
110% Cool™
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My Unusual+Both australiums (a total value of 72 keys)?
Lt. Scout
I appreciate the offer, but I'm really just looking for pure.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.