Selling this beautiful Pirates of The Caribbean-Themed Misty Skull Tricorne
Loved the franchise? Well you're going to love this even more.

✓ 1 of 2 on Outpost (Other seller is looking for 150 pure)
✓ 1 of 2 in existence
✓ Re-described to match the Theme
✓ Rare Halloween Effect


Currently rebuilding my old Pirate set again, but this set still does it good. Will update the trade once the complete set is up again!

B/O on the set: 135 Keys/ Overpay in Unusuals & Aussies(Keep in mind, the hats on the left are the ones I'm currently looking for, pref. with 1st Gen or Halloween Effects)
Seperate B/O's: 130 Keys - Misty Skull Tricorne
10 Keys - #18 Blind Justice

Not really interested in the bidding system for the Tricorne. If I like any offer, I will contact you immediately. I am completely open to discussions and negotiations so will make sure I'll give everyone a shot to barter.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.