Selling the items listed above for the prices below, if offering in items besides promos overpay is necessary.

- Taunt: The Square Dance: 7 Refined
- S. Tribalman's Shiv: 1.66 Refined
- S. Jarate (x3): 1 Refined EACH
- S. Pistol: 2.33 Refined
- Specialized Killstreak Huo Long Heater Kit (Team Shine): 1 Key 1 Refined
- Treadplate Tormenter SMG (WW): 2.33 Refined
- King of the Jungle (BS): 1.33 Refined
- Citizen Pain (MW): 1 Refined

Send a trade offer if you need the trade done quickly or add me up. All item offers should be offered below before adding me unless your offer is undeniably great.
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i can give a killstreak backwoods boomstick (field tested) for that spec ks kit
Pretty low considering i can get your whole set up for less than a dollar on market.
I'd be much more inclined if you offered either festive scatter or medi. Besides that nothing would interest me unless its pure.
haha.. okay, first, you just referred prices from the scm? sure, okay, two, the festive if worth double your kit, and the med gun even more, the scattergun is not for sale cause it's being held for another guy, and one thing i didn't understand is what do you mean you could my setup for less than a dollar? I can still come to an agreement but the med gun isn't going away under 4 keys. Thanks :)
I was just listing things id show interest for, didnt note the kits on them. Nevertheless gl on your trade. As for the setup, boomstick is .14 + kit is .77. And i listed scm for them as theyre currently priced according to scm.
yeah you're right, that doesn't mean that they're worth just that, but still what you're saying is true and justified, so what you're interested in the med gun?
i meant interested as in if youd offer on anything with items. Not to purchase.
yeah i see, sounds nice but i have nothing for sale that matches the items in that trade :/
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.