Selling many good low craft #:

Antlers #51 - all class universal misc (possible to wear with almost everything)
The Tomb Readers #54 painted orange - all class misc glasses
The Crow of the Old Kingdom #35 painted white - all class hat
The Beastly Bonnet #69 painted black - Scout hat lucky number 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The Colonial Clogs #48 - misc for soldier
The Tartan Shade #66 - demo hat with super short history, im the 2nd owner
Strange Foppish Physician #78 - strange medic misc
The Gas Guzzler #37 and level 100 painted white

Thats only the best low crafts i have, more/all you can find here:

More i have:

The Big Elfin Deal #65 (duped) - scout hat - offers
The Scoper's Smoke #82 - sniper misc - offers
The Liquor Locker #84 - demoman misc - offers
Bushi-Dou #91 - demoman misc - offers
The War Goggles #49 - heavy misc (possible to make strange by strangifier) - offers
Yuri's Revenge #89 - heavy misc - offers
The Breather Bag #90 - pyro mask - offers
(not less than a key):
"The Mustang" The Colonel's Coat #1974 - medic misc - offers
Power Up Canteen #219 - offers

I dont have set prices but...

#im not selling them for regular prices so dont lowball

#looking for pure but overpays in unusuals, australiums, some high valued items (bills, buds, BMOC etc) are also good... but items are good as long they are not duped or gifted

#Only duped items i can accept are unusuals (for lower price ofcourse)
#Only gifted unusual i will accept is Private eye ANY effect or any multiclass unusual

#you can offer low tier unusual for a single low craft or if your unusual is higher tier u can offer it for more than 1 of my low #

You can leave your offer here or on or just simple send me trade offer
Adding me is last option

As i said im not forced to sell them (actully i like most of them) so im not gona sell them cheap
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interested in more crafts? ;) i got some i wanna sell
no. only selling
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hey whats your B/O on antlers and do you accept overpay?
you know im looking for offers, low tier unusual or 8+ keys pure would be ok
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Key for the scoper's smoke considering that the crafters name is missing?
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My #54 antlers and 3 ref for your #51 antlers. its a very small difference in craft # but Im willing to add 3 ref
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Instead of hiding my post, giving me an idea of your price range could be nice but okay
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Hey, I'm curious about your Gas Guzzler and Crown OTOK. What prices are you looking for for each or both?
i rly dont know, im open for offers man.
Would.. 3.5 keys pure be good for it?
i rather expected around 7 keys for crown and 9 for pyro misc, if 3.5 keys is your final ofer then i have to say no
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.