Buying these items for the following prices:

Uncraftable Lucky No. 42 - 13 refined
Craftable Lucky No. 42 - 5 keys + 28 refined
Non-Craftable Flip-Flops - 2 keys + 19 refined
Craftable Flip-Flops - 7 keys + 24 refined
Strange Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I - 1 key + 22 refined
Strange Gold Botkiller Wrench Mk.I - 2 keys + 3 refined
Genuine Doublecross-Comm - 1 key + 4 refined
Taunt: Pool Party - 2 keys + 13 refined
Strange Bacon Grease - 10 keys + 4 refined
Towering Pillar Of Summer Shades - 9 keys + 18 refined

Add me or send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=31658745&token=dLjHk0Z4
Advanced ako magisip
added you for pool party
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Nanadaime Hokage
Strange Specialized Killstreak Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I
Item Details
Level 1 Sniper Rifle - 0 Kills
Custom Name: "Judgment Day"
Sheen: Hot Rod
Custom Description:"God will judge my enemies. I'll arrange the meeting."
Origin: MvM Badge completion reward
Parts Attached
Kills While Low Health (0) ~9 ref
Headshot Kills (0) ~1.4–1.5 keys
Suggested Values
Steam Market: $12.49 (84.54 ref, 5.25 keys, $10.57)

4 key?
selling gold botkiller wrench mk.1 for 2 keys 12 ref sent trade offer
Sent Offer For Pool Party
Sent offer, extra two keys for Spectral Spectrum applied.
Oferts Send
Tio Lourenço
the sniper but with killstreak and headshot part for 2.5keys pure?
added to discuss a genuine double cross comm pink
Are you still buying DoubleCross?
I have a Pool party
Oh Cock!
any interest in a blood botkiller wrench for 1 key?
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