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Hey traders! I am looking to buy a cool knife at a reasonable price! I dont have too much pure but I do have some great items!
I really want a butterfly knife but any out of these would be cool!
Any skin and any wear!
Offer here and I will tell you if I like your offer!
Happy trading!
GTA Doomsday ;.;
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Butterfly Knife Forest DDPAT Field Tested. Interested?
Sort of, depending on the price however
GTA Doomsday ;.;
Well, market is steady around 90 bucks. So if paying in items I would need more.
Ehh i would rather not spend that much, ty for offering though
Llama scrap2unusual
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M9 bayonet damascus steel ft
if interested send a trade offer
if paying tf2 items please do overpay
Youre on my trade, leave your offer..
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.