Selling the Painted Hats & Misc listed above at the prices below OR OVERPAY in items:

- Highland High Heels (Aged Grey): 6 Refined
- Brawling Buccaneer (Indubitably Green): 7 Refined
- Chromatic Corruption + Purple Brotherhood of Arms: 15-18 Refined.
- The Unshaved Bear (Slate): 9 Refined.
- Coldsnap Cap (Purple): 6 Refined.
- Mercs Mohawk (Indub. Green): 9 Refined.
- War Pig (Tinge/White): 19 Refined.
- UC Fast Learner (White): 18 Refined.

A key will be considered as 16 Refined and vice versa.
troca o Purple Brotherhood of Arms pelo chapeaus charme pintado de team spirit?
English please. And if you're offering on the BoA it has a halloween paint on it so you'd need to add.
Thai my shoes
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added. I cant trade for a week. added for war pig
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.