Selling Painted Hats and Misc for the prices below or overpay in items:

- Backwards Ballcap (Black/Hue): 1 Key 5 Refined/ 21 Refined
- Flapjack (Black/Hue): 1 Key 9 Refined/ 25 Refined
- Breakneck Baggies (Black/Hue): 1 Key 5 Refined/ 21 Refined
Note: Complete Hue painted scout set for 4 Keys/ 64 Refined
- Breakneck Baggies (Lime): 13 Refined
- Mercs Muffler (Purple): 9 Refined
- Track Terrorizer (Slate): 7 Refined
- Mishap Mercenary (Purple): 9 Refined
- Dead of Night (Australium Gold): 10 Refined

Add me if paying the prices above or send a trade offer. If an offer in items, write down your offer below.
I have an orange painted Pyromancer's mask. Can i one for one it for the mishap?
Not a bad item or so, but im looking for an overpay in items so i'll pass on that offer.
For ur mercanary can u do a Operators overalls Sole Mate and 3 refined?
Btw the price for the Sole mate with the paint is 9.83 ref
Well not too interested in a sole mate as is, will consider the offer. Just pretty persistent on pure or easy to sell overpay in items.
How about a last breath and 4 ref?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.