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$40 USD Paypal.

Fairly cheap. You go first unless you have a significant amount of rep.

Please don't add me.
Circulus Ignis
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Blizzardy Storm Larrikin Robin, and Earbuds? I probably might add a Strange Graylien or Invasion Key. Which one you prefer.
Not interested in downgrading, so I'll pass thanks
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i would pay in paypal
only if u went first
cuz i dont got a spending budget for tf2
Your logic makes no sense as to why I would go first... lol
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It probably won't be for another few weeks, but once I get my new computer I'd be interested in buying this for the $40 if no one else buys it until then. Feel free to add me in the meantime if you're so inclined.
ShIne |
20$ steam wallet code? u go first tho
lol no thanks
I am interested, even tho you said that I shouldn't add you, I think we should have a talk so I have added you to talk.
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18 keys pure?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.