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One of the best hats in the game

Offer high on the best

Clean D@D Vive la France for the Mohawk
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Hey Matche, I like the Mohawk better, so gonna pass. Thanks for the offer!
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Disco rotation?
Swiggity Swagger
not sure
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k, leave me a trade offer, thanks man.
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I can do the Executioner + 20 Keys
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oh nvm lol
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aces high crown of the old kingdom + strange cool forest fire for mohawk
Swiggity Swagger
Not into cards, thanks man
pe energy stash+ sweets
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Thats a sweet hat, but no, love the mohawk much more
¡¡RED BOY|백팩
dbd view finder to mohawk
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Hey Bro, great misc! But unfortunately I see one going for 180 keys at which is pretty low. Thanks man.
2 my RS
Disco beatdown Mohawk + Spec. Ks Aussie Med Gun with Golden Sheen for your Mohawk
Swiggity Swagger
Thanks for the offer, but not interested.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.