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Simple :)
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Man you can delete your fb profile, you can set private your account, you can change your name but it's easy for me find you.
I repeat you have scam me the two unusual when i hoped that you was a nice guy.
but I was wrong.
Then i repeat i contact steamrep and i denounced you to the postpolice(i hope you know what is this) then they hae start some research but said me to try to talk wth you before them to provide. For this kind of scams fine is between 300-400 dollars. And i think your parents don't will be happy to recevie this fines. Then is better for you regiveme my stuff or my 120 dollars (price of mine items). I have the screen of all our conversaton, the scam and other (for exaple your fb account) then readd me mt to steam to talk if you want tat the postpolice do not take measures. I will continue to follow up that I will not be given back my stuff, these things do not lose them. it is better for you, then readdme o steam and we agree otherwise Intolerable Cruelty. And don't delete this post, have the screen ;) bye
Yeah i no have problem bro :) I no delete my FB , police? Lol really? You know where im? Why you talking me ? I dont know what about you talking , i send 1 report for the other usser ... The other usser try to copy my account. And why i add you if im no take your item :/ Dont problem Take screenshots videos , contact police , contact FBI... Im never scamm bro Soo please dont lose your time trying to report me , because im inocent guy , MY PROFILE its public , i no have nothing and i only have this to trade . And i repeat i dont know what about you talking . Soo cya bro if you comment again i report you on outpost
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.