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Lt. Scout
Hey all, I'm brokering this beauty of a knife for a client of mine! It's a phase 4, .04 Float Karambit Doppler FN. We're looking mainly for pure right now, just taking offers at the moment. Please add me, offer here, or send a trade offer if interested. Cheers!

No unusual offers, please.

(item is in my client's bag:
★ LuddeBoii | Fade
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Misty Skull Tippler's Tricorne + keys ( negotiable )
Lt. Scout
No interest in unusuals. Thanks anyways.
vac secured
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Terror-Watt Mask of the Shaman
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Is my whole cs go inventory enough or is that low,since I dont have much more
Found out I dont have enough I guess my offer still stands tho
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we fall again
How much keys are you looking at?.
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I have ton of TF2 keys (they are $2.50+ each), any interest in quickselling?
Lt. Scout
I don't think anyone values TF2 keys that high. I can easily buy them for 1.75 USD via PayPal. Not interested in quick selling.
keep in mind it's form of cashing out, nobody would pay a full price for your knife neither. Honestly this isn't an argument for me. Anyways, if you are not interested i'm sorry and gl
real money?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.