I'm done with Dota 2

I haven't played Dota 2 ridiculously long but I found myself a new MOBA (Smite), which I enjoy more.
Dota 2 is amazing so no offense to that but the level of annoying players today is way to high.

That's why Im selling EVERYTHING!!! (except everything for Nature's Prophet's items because he's awesome)

I have 448 tradable items currently and most of the gem containing items have their original gems.
Some items are also modified to my liking (The Juggernaut sword ^^above^^ contains all 3 gems from that set)
Take a look in my backpack and tell me if you see anything nice:

I'm very interested in Team Fortress 2 items, mostly unusuals from the classes listed above. If you for example: Have a cool unusual for one of those classes, make a list and post it here, I'll try my best to sort out prices to make it a fair trade for the both of us.

I like:
Classes: Scout > Soldier > Pyro > All class > Engineer > Demoman/Medic > Spy > Sniper > Heavy
Effects: Halloween effects (every single one) > Good First Gen Effects > Frostbite > GBH+TW > Invasion Effects > Rest

I dislike:
Stuff: Unusual weapons > Stupid people > Other shit 80% of the tf2 players hate

An unusual can even be gifted if it's still a nice one.

I know a lot of people will just offer but I'd like you to read the above.
perfer your Inscribed Legendary Crazed Tassels of the Black Death and Genuine Mythical Pauldron Perch so see my bp and send me offer i (have many nice scout hat)
I'm not seeing the 'many nice scout hat' part but I'm very interested in those keys though. How many would you give for both? Perch has Crow's Feet and Kill Assists and the Tassels has all the styles unlocked, Dota Cinema watched and Games Played
you can find my trable offer in my outpost trable so send me offer
I believe you were the one offering so you can offer. Im not going to check your outpost and send you a trade offer. This is my trade not yours.
well i search it in steam market those like worth 3.53$ so 1 KEY and 8 ref?
I can do both for 2 keys because of all the gems thwy contain
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.