Taking offers on this Arcana Executioner

- 1 of 3 existing
- 1 of 1 on the market
- Clean
- Halloween hat / effect (Halloween update is coming up soon as well, would be a good time to get it)
- Rare / God-Tier
- All-class
- #MiscHype?

--> Looking for 1st / 2nd / some halloween gen effects only!
--> Looking for a god-tier all-class hat with a 1st gen effect!
--> Im also interested in soldier sets with multiple unusuals
--> Paying higher would mean a price suggestion raise in it's price on Backpack. tf, if that matters to you

Previous offers:
- Purple Energy Headsplitter (Steam trade offered)

No B/O. Just don't lowball.

Only add me if you have any hats listed on the right or have any hats with those effects either.
Otherwise offer below or send me a trade offer!
jack o latern panic
Added to offer.
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Frostbite Executioner
That's a Lot of Nuts!
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http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/27281194#latest +25 keys and a choice of sweets?
Not really looking to downgrade to that many unusuals. But mainly just want one good all-class unusual. Thanks for the offer though!
That's a Lot of Nuts!
yeah, I couldn't resist the offer. Thank you for the quick response!
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My 7 unusuals?
No thanks, too many 3rd gens
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Interested in upgrading to a harvest exe?
Not really interested in upgrading sorry, and I wouldnt add my keys even if I wanted to, as you were asking in your trade
wet ツ
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Ooze BoA + GG Jr. Caribbean + Spec. Ks Strange Festive rocket launcer
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.