Teeny Tiny Cat
Please post here or send trade offer, don't add me. If it's not in my invent and I haven't crossed it out then it's probably on steam community market.

Green energy pencil pusher - 180 keys
Sunbeams hottie's hoodie - 100 keys
Frostbite minnesota slick - 70 keys
Arcana gentleman's ushanka - 65 keys
Disco beat down pardner's pompadour - 40 keys
Searing plasma football helmet - 16 keys

Those are only BOs, as in what I'd immediately take in pure, so feel free to offer. Not going to take a lot lower unless I really like the hat or something though. If you think the prices are unreasonable then just don't offer me. Please don't add me to complain, no-one is making you pay what I am looking for.
Is This A JoJoke?
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Purple Energy Texas Tin-Gallon (1 of 1) (clean) (painted black) for your Pardner's Pompadour?
Teeny Tiny Cat
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.