Selling my wicked Golden Boy Scout Set!
Mostly looking for pure or soldier unusual offers.

Screenshot: http://pos...yagyh/
- Gold Stormy Storm Batter's Helm (Discontinued 1st Gen Unusual Hat w/ a short history): 25 Keys separately
- Mixed Misc's painted gold to match with the set : NFS separately
- Gold Botkiller Scattergun Mk1: 6 Keys separately
- Strange Stock Pistol: NFS separately
- V. Pro KS Fan o War with Tornado & Hotrod Sheen: 25 Keys

Complete Set B/O: 50 Keys or overpay in offers.

Not looking for a bid of any sorts. Only firm offers. If your offer pleases me, i'll do the trade as soon as deemed possible.
Things im NOT too interested in:
- 3rd Gen Effects
- Robo-hats (besides Bunsen Brave)
- Gifted Unusuals unless its a 1st gen hat+effect and only one on the market.

P.s Feel free to use trade offers or add me for any negotiation on offers, but I always respond faster to people who have left a note down belowv
P.p.s I refrain to use as a price manual but in terms of some unusuals with no history of sales on trading websites, I will look into the history of pricing on So don't be afraid of offering as long as you think your offer is great!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.