• Completed
Looking to purchase a collectors Scottish Handshake. Preferably as a chemistry set. Will pay in mixed item offers for the Collectors as long as it's not overpriced af.
The Chemistry set (which I'd prefer) would probably be paid in pure if the price is great.

Will look into other Collectors weapons or chemistry sets, but most probably only quicksales. If pure is available and the offers(') good will pay it up, but keep in mind most of my offers might be in items.

If you have an interesting collectors misc, will consider it as well. Just make sure it complies with the list below:

- MUST be a quicksale. (Really good if in pure)
- Check below if I have any interest in that specific item.
- Add me ONLY if both the above have been satisfied!
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.