Looking to quickbuy unusuals!

--> Only buying 1st , 2nd (NO WEATHER EFFFECTS, UNLESS ON AN AMAZING HAT)and halloween effects! Not interested in 3rd gens!
--> Mostly looking for the hats on the right, but will take a look at any other hats, no robo hats though!
--> Only accepting at least 30% discount off the hat's low-end Backpack. tf price
--> I am also interested in any type of unusual misc (except robo)
--> Not taking duped or gifted unusuals!

Class priority goes as the following: All-class > Soldier > Scout > Demoman > Pyro > The rest

Offer below, add me or just send me a trade offer!

Please don't offer your hat and expect me to give you a price. It is my trade and therefore you should be offering.

Stock: 30 keys (will try to restock later)
F. Bomb Fitzgerald
Clean sunbeams towering pillar for 135. BP value is 160-170. 6 man history. Add me if that works.
Everyone on TF2OP seems to be asking 150-155 pure B/O. And your price discount is not 30% off Backpack. tf price (165*30% = 49.5 key discount). Feel free to re offer if you've got a lower price in mind
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my unusual noble assentment of hats for 33 keys?
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.