Selling Unusual Big Elfin Deal with Bubbling effect, 2 halloween spells - Spectral Spectrum (team spirit paint) and Gangreen Footprints (yellow footprints)
It aslo has nice name and description :))

Want 13 keys pure or unusuals overpay (best would be sniper, demo or scout unusual)

more hats with spells that i sell -
am mistake
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I can offer my Purple Confetti doctor's sack and a maybe some extra stuff if you would like for it
its nor bad offer, but i already have one medic unusual... i will think about it
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Smoking toe and 1 key and 12 ref
Driving Piccolo
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I can offer 15 keys in items of your choice from my pack at the automatic pricing << My pack
If you're not interested in items just hide my post, otherwise send me a trade offer and pick what you want
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Would you be interested in a craft #100 Ninja Hood? I crafted it myself, I also have 2 keys to add.
im not gonna accept lowcraft as more than a key, im not collector and i dont rly care its #100. Can accept it as i said as 1 key, so if you will add 12keys i can trade
its just random lowcraft...
i have many lowcrafts but i never paid more than a key for any of them
well okay then
Clean smoking blokes?
sorry im not going to sell ti for less than 13 keys or overpay becouse it has footprints spell.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.