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i feel terrible
good luck in future trading all other owners i have failed
i need to go sit for a bit

CLEAN Purple Energy Pyromancer - 200 keys
CLEAN Hearts Headwarmer - OFFERS

Offers so far:
Beams Neckwear + Cloudy Headwarmer + Morning Glory Deep Cover + Cloud 9 Beak (>1000?) http://puu...3b.jpg
BaF Cowmangler (idk?) http://puu...39.png

My current PC isn't cutting it for what I need, Intel's having a flash sale on some things and the Christmas sales are around the corner. Spending several hours rendering a 40 minute 30fps video is awful, and I want to be able to put out 60fps content regularly and hopefully stream in 1080/60 next year.

I've been looking into upgrading to an i7490k and a 970, maybe a 980 if I can get enough.
I have literally no money though, other than this backpack of mine. I'm going to put some stuff up for sale that I really shouldn't and will probably regret, but it's worth a try to see if I can upgrade my PC. No point in having all this shit if I'm going to be spending all day rendering and playing Fallout 4 anyway.

Unusual offers are fine, but keep them to easy to resell / quicksell first gens. I don't want any gambles with new effects, as cool as they may be. I don't want to be stuck with a terror watt baker's boy or whatever either. Halloween is a no-no too, they're still being unboxed and will continue to saturate the market for a bit. Obviously I expect overpay. I paid ~210 in first gens for the Pyromancer a few weeks ago and never intended to sell it off so quickly.

You aren't going to see a Headwarmer on the market seriously for a long long time, any time one's been unboxed they've sold within days.
Back in the day of buds I think the highest offer I ever got added from a legal trader (read, scammer offers are worthless to me please don't add me if you're marked why would I drop the ability to sell my backpack for £50 profit?) was a burning Pyromancer and some high tier scorching pyro hat, can't remember which. Keep that in mind.

If I see this trade going nowhere I'll just shut it down and get my money through other means, or live with what I've got. I've had this Headwarmer for years now, I see no reason to hand it off to some quickseller for 20 quid in crap.
A Delicious Cashew
gimme headwarmer plz
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.