Selling the items above for the prices below or OVERPAY in items:

- Backstabbers Boomslang (Australium Gold): 9 Refined
- Pyromancer's Mask (TS): 16 Refined
- Blighted Beak (Lime): 14 Refined
- Brim full of Bullets (Lime): 10 Refined
- LVL 100 Menpo (Gold): 8 Refined
- UC Luckyshot: 1.66 Refined
- Dillingers Duffel (Gold): 6.66 Refined
- Fed Fighten' Fedore (Gold): 6.66 Refined
Complete Gold Scout Set Above for ONLY 12 Refined!

Add me up or send in a trade offer if you have the right price in pure. If it's an item offer, offer below.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.