Buying these strange items for the following prices:

Strange Iron Lung - 10 refined
Strange Insulated Inventor - 1 key
Strange Ground Control - 17 refined
Strange Heer's Helmet - 1 key + 11 refined
Strange Gold Botkiller Stickybomb Launcher Mk.I - 15 refiend
Strange Gold Botkiller Minigun Mk.I - 1 key + 14 refined
Strange Gold Botkiller Medi Gun Mk.I - 1 key + 22 refined
Strange Gold Botkiller Knife Mk.I - 1 key + 16 refined

Add me or send me a trade offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=31658745&token=dLjHk0Z4
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Sent and offer for the insulated,
North On the 50th
Wanna buy my unusual smg
Ive sent a trade offer. Would appreciate if you could check it :)
would u pay a little extra for a spec ks sticky bomb launcher
yung lean
ive got a spec ks mk1 gold knife how much would you give me for that one ?
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