-GoV-Yurchik*| B>QS with 1200k
Frostbite Tough Stuff Muffs - 245pure/270 mixed/300 in unusuals
Disco Beat Down Merc's Mohawk - 200 pure/230 mixed/250 in unusuals
Chiroptera Venenata Tough Stuff Muffs - 200 pure/230 mixed/250 in unusuals
Cloudy Moon Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) - 160 pure/185 mixed/200 in unusuals
Strange Burning Flames Eliminators Safeguard - 120 pure/140 mixed/150 in unusuals
Harvest Moon Liquidator's Lid(duped) - 100 pure/115 mixed/130 in unusuals
Spellbound Bone Dome - 90 pure/105 mixed/120 in unusuals
Screaming Tiger Taunt: Skullcracker - 200keysSOLD
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frostbite gibus for frostbite muffs
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Really want mohawk would you do me favor and reserve it for me? I will save up and hopefully get 200 keys?
scorching flame batters helm, stormy 13th hour hotties hood , ausie flamethrower, FN shell shocked rocket,strange elite heavy hat, prof streak strange liberty launcher + sweets for merc CV
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Morning glory kiss king for the Venenata?
low,but thx for an offer
I am still a bit interested in the unusual as I love muffs. If I were to add would that be better.
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It's a secret to everybody rimmed raincatcher + 5 keys for the bone dome :)
hi,thx for an offer but there is open price syggest for raincatcher for 55,so i cant vaue it as 105 mixed,sorry.
Yes indeed, but that suggestion's been up for a week and still wasn't accepted, there's probably something wrong with it. ^^ The most recent sale I could find was this one, I hope you have the bp.tf plugin: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198019254407?time=1447315200&compare=1447401600
Oops, I had misread the TC's price. Welp, I guess I really got fu**** on that one, thanks for your time !
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1of1 in the world clean specialized killstreak Stare From Beyond Modest (w/spells) for muffs.
What I can trade by using my Strange Eldritch Flame Duck Billed Hatypus? (I bought for 420 Keys)
i wont value it that high and i am not offering,sry.
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1 Of 1 Amaranthine Tyrant's Helm for Lid
no,sry,that's low.
O.T.F Bitch
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I'll offer a D@D Your Worst Nightmare for the Harvest moon Lid.
its 90,i want 100 pure or 130 in unus
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Sent you an offer
its low,man
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.